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Contemporary Arts Media - Artfilms is a boutique art business. We produce, co-produce and distribute films for education to academic and public libraries, schools, colleges, galleries and specialty shops.

Although our primary focus is education - on DVD and online - we understand that artists and public might be also interested in watching our films. We therefore established a Membership option for individuals to be able to subscribe and watch the films in a non-educational, private setting.

Subscription for individuals is £8 (approx. $15) per month for unlimited access to 300-400 art films. The contract you enter is ongoing but you can terminate it at any time.

Theatre - Dance - Music -Film and Cinema - Design - Architecture - Communication -Visual Arts - Healing Arts - New Media digital art - Gastronomy

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*Currently we are listing about 1500 films online for art education. Not all of these videos are available for private subscription. We do our best to grow your collection. Sign up to our mailing list to receive information about new films.

We are not a large corporate streaming giant with millions of subscribers. The stakeholders of our company are artists, art organizations and indie filmmakers. We appreciate your interest and happy to share with you our films we are passionate about.

We are working mostly "in the cloud". If you contact us by email we might not be able to get back as fast as we would like to. But be assured that we will attend technical problems in 24 hours.